Here is a listing of all the services I offer:

  • Thai Bodywork Session: 1-3 hour sessions depending on each clients needs and wants. For best results, I suggest at least 90 minutes. Learn more about Thai Massage here.
  • Recharge session: 15-60 minute session focusing on for example: shoulders, feet, neck, etc.
  • Luk Pra Kob/LPK – Thai Herbal Compress Balls: These compress balls are packed with all kinds of medicinal herbs such as lemongrass, plai, turmeric, kaffir lime, tamarind leaves, citronella and more. They are steamed then rolled and compressed into tired sore muscles. Thus decreasing inflammation, exhaustion, stress, congestion, improving circulation of blood and lymph and stimulating the internal organs. This technique also relieves stress and fatigue and boosts both emotional and physical well-being.
  • Reiki Session: 30-60 minute session. Reiki is a modality often described as hands-on healing. Life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, sen lines, meridians and nadis. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy.  I place my hands lightly on or over my clients body to facilitate this process of healing.

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