Soul Flow Healing Thai Massage & Reiki was conceived to offer the benefits and the experience of Thai bodywork &/or Reiki in a space created to support my clients in a safe and healing atmosphere.

I am a massage therapy practice specializing in Thai Massage. I also offer Reiki & Swedish Massage.

My knowledge of physical and energetic healing will help bring your body back to a place of wellness and balance through restorative bodywork. My goal for each client is to unleash their natural current of life-force energy by releasing physical or emotional blockage held in the body. I have created a lovely sanctuary that allows you the freedom to relax, receive, and release; making space for peace.

Additional information and more reviews about Soul Flow, visit my Facebook page.

I am committed to help awaken the healing potential available to everyone.

It is a gift and an honor everytime you choose Soul Flow for your self-care and healing. I look forward to meeting or seeing you again soon. Peace, Linda


Soul Flow Healing is located at
Cedar Avenue Business Center
103 N. 11th Ave. Suite 235
St.Charles, Il 60174
630.890.2176 • soulflow@comcast.net

                            **No walk-ins ~ scheduling an appointment in advance is highly recommended

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