Thailand here I come


10 years ago when I thought about what the next 10 years would bring,  I could not even conceive that I would have a Thai Massage practice let alone a trip to Thailand to study. That would not have been possible, not even in the deepest corners of my mind.

Becoming attuned to Reiki in 2006 helped me to wake up and follow the “signals” that continually  moved me deeper into my soul. I began stepping out of my way and facing the unknown with curiosity and faith.

I loved sharing Reiki. My heart kept calling for something more, In January 2011 I began my journey into the world of Thai Massage. BAM!  It was the perfect compliment.  I was filled with such passion for this healing modality. I wanted and needed to learn more, practice more, share more.

Now, I am fulfilling one of my dreams by going to the Mother Country of the work I love…Thailand. Having always been diligent about learning and going deeper into the heart of Thai massage has led my leaving soon on an extended journey to Thailand. For me it is an ultimate dream destination. While there I will have the opprotunity to study with a variety of teachers and teachings in and around the northern city of  Chiang Mai.

This will be a full immersion into the culture, history, Thai bodywork, Thai medicine, Buddhism, meditation, and indigenous healing practices.

My hope for this adventure is that I fill my cup(s) with practices that will bring deeper healing and understanding to myself and all I meet on my mat and off.

I am so thankful to my many teachers, fellow bodyworkers, light workers, clients, family and friends that believed in, supported, guided and nudged me to follow my dreams.

  • Kwan lub mai mee nai loke.
  • There are no secrets in the world.

I plan to share some of my experiences and insights with you here on Thai Talk. Please Journey with me.



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  1. Linda, So very happy for you and thank you for sharing your gift, early on in this journey. I so wish that you were still in my yard in ILLINOIS, however if Florida is ever in your plans please come and see me. I look forward to hearing about your fantastic journey.
    Always, Jeannie


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